About Us

The Noha, Marsiya and Soz-o-Salam can be recited anytime, anywhere using Bayaz-e-Gham online web application.This is available online hence the readers are no longer restricted by physical constraints.

On 1st December 2015 the first Noha lyrics were added to the Bayaz-e-Gham online web application and we have ever since been constantly adding more every year. By the Almighty’s grace, this year our target for 500 Nohas on the online web application was achieved.

Bayaz-e-Gham launched its official YouTube channel in 2019 and began providing audio versions of the nohas so that users could easily learn the tarz-e-kalam.

Originally these efforts were made purely for sawab-e-jariya, but it would be appreciated if you would please recite a surah-e-fateha- for jumla momeneen vo momenaat. Also request you to remember the Bayaz-e-Gham team, when you pray.

We are making this better every day and hope that you will soon be able to recite the Noha, Marsiya and Salam in all 3 languages (English, Hindi, Urdu).

In this respect, we appreciate all your appreciation, comments, and suggestions!

Please feel free to send us your suggestions and comments via email info@bayazegham.in and we will reply as soon as possible.